1. Consumer application
    Smart meter
    Smart Security
    We do it for you Lithium battery experts around Great power Lithium battery experts around Great power
    Consumer application
    Great power provides a variety of power solutions for consumer applications, including rate batteries, cylindrical batteries, soft pack batteries; widely used in electronic cigarettes, TWS, notebook computers and other fields.
    Battery structure design
    With high security, exclusive T-shaped and soft-pack patented structure
    System platform
    Advanced material technology platform that can meet the performance requirements of 4-6C fast charging and 4.45V high voltage
    Capacity equipment
    It has a daily production of 80,000-100,000 steel-shell button batteries and 60,000 soft-pack button batteries, which can meet the needs of large orders from major customers in the market.
    Big customer endorsement
    Cooperate with many major international customers
    Smart Metering Solutions
    great power provides one-stop battery solutions for IOT, such as: smart water meters, electricity meters, gas meters and other smart meters, electronic label lithium batteries, smart access control lithium batteries, GPS locator lithium batteries, electronic sphygmomanometer lithium batteries, etc. Comprehensive solutions for various scenarios.
    smart water meter
    Electronic tagssl2
    GPS Locator
    20 years+
    With more than 20 years of industry experience, profound technology accumulation, and continuous innovation.
    >10 years
    Shelf life
    Operating temperature range
    Annual self-discharge rate
    Smart Security
    Great power provides a variety of power solutions for intelligent security, including button batteries, cylindrical batteries, thin soft pack batteries; widely used in smoke alarms, safes, electronic access control and other fields.
    Environmental friendly
    Green raw materials, environmental protection and no pollution
    long storage life
    Annual self-discharge rate < 2%, storage life > 10 years
    Using aluminum plastic film soft package. When there is a safety hazard, it will only blow and crack
    Lithium battery experts around you
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