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    Great Power Passed the First Batch of Sodium-ion Battery Evaluations in China
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    On July 14, 2023, Great Power was announced one of the first companies that passed the national evaluation for sodium-ion batteries in China at the 2nd Sodium-ion Battery Industry Chain and Standard Development Forum. Great Power’s SIB26650 sodium-ion battery successfully passed the evaluation.

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    In this sodium-ion battery evaluation, Great Power successfully passed the evaluations through conducting of various safety and performance tests such as thermal abuse, heavy impact, extrusion, forced over-discharge, and low-temperature discharge of the battery.


    At the forum, Great Power presented a keynote speech titled Exploration and Industrialization Analysis of Sodium-ion Battery’s R&D Roadmap, discussed the current and future R&D roadmap of sodium-ion battery technology with the guests present and shared Great Power’s technical and R&D achievements in the field of sodium-ion battery products.


    Great Power has prospectively laid out sodium-ion battery technology in 2021, the company filed  application and gained approval of multiple patents in the layered oxide and polyanion technical systems. Great Power has realized the serial production of sodium-ion batteries and will implement the first 5MW/10MWh Sodium-ion Battery Energy Storage Power Station project in north China at the Qingdao North Coast Big Data Center. It has opened the market of sodium-ion batteries’ application in energy storage data centers and promoted the industrialization process of sodium-ion batteries.

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